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CD/MD/MC/DVD стерео плееры

86680 ₽

Tascam DP-32 SD 32-канальная цифровая портастудия обеспечивает одновременную запись до восьми входных каналов. Модель оснащена ...

77129 ₽

Tascam offers with the Tascam 202MKVII an intuitive and high-quality double cassette deck, which is used in karaoke bars, sp...

77129 ₽

Tascam's CD-400U DAB is a combination of CD player, DAB/FM tuner, stereo SD recorder, Bluetooth wireless and USB connectivit...

73086 ₽

The Tascam CD-200SB is a rugged, universal playback device for audio material available on solid-state media such as SD/SDHC m...

66776 ₽

Медиа-проигрыватель DN-500BDMKII представляет собой компактное, высокопроизводительное устройство, которое обрабатывает все поп...

39185 ₽

The CD-200 offers a simple, cost-effective solution to installations or PA rental where the extra features of a more complex C...

445796 ₽

The CG Series master clock generators are based on a high-precision crystal oscillator with jitter management and glitch-free ...

153925 ₽

The CD-6010 offers top-of-the-line CD playback for any scenario. Designed with the Broadcast market in mind, this CD-player ut...

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