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Динамики 10 дюймов

61224 ₽

The MR10N301 is a high efficiency, high power midrange specially designed to provide superior sound pressure level in a very c...

28971 ₽

The L10-750YK is a professional mid-bass woofer featuring very high uotput and dynamics. The mobile equipment, used a 3" coil,...

8449 ₽

The Visaton W250 - 8 Ohm is a 25 cm (10") woofer with air-dried membrane and stiffening rings.It can be mounted on the front ...

4367 ₽

The Visaton KT 100 V - 4 Ohm is a 10 cm (4") woofer with low resonant frequency and compact size. Due to the elastic rubber p...

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