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Кларнеты Bb (Boehm)

88807 ₽

Ideal instrument for young students! The JUPITER JP637S-Q Bb-Clarinet with Boehm-System is a perfect instrument for the begin...

86680 ₽

Especially for young students! The YAMAHA YCL-255 S Bb-Clarinet was especially developed for the necessities of students and ...

25149 ₽

MZCL-133B Bb-Clarinet Boehm System, 17 Keys - A clarinet made out of ABS plastic (like the MZCL-133B) offers a lot of advantage...

256636 ₽

Impressive sound and precise intonation! The BUFFET CRAMPON E-13 Bb-Clarinet offers a direct attack point, an ergonomic mecha...

190159 ₽

Die E-12 F ersetzt das Erfolgsmodell E-11 France in der Mittelkasse. Die Mechanik der E-12 F wird gegen?ber dem Vorg?nger aufw...

185309 ₽

High quality for a fair price! The YAMAHA YCL-650 Bb-Clarinet is an ideal alternative for the motivated player with a small b...

155494 ₽

A new member of the YCL-family! The new YAMAHA YCL-450M Bb-Clarinet joins the intermediate series and is based on the proven ...

53377 ₽

Eine preiswerte, pflegeleichte Klarinette aus hochwertigem ABS-Kunststoff f?r Einsteiger und Sch?ler. Die robuste Mechanik ist...

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