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71070 ₽

The Signex Isopatch CPJ48D25G is a professional patchbay with 48 gold plated type A Jacks (TRS) and a 25 way D-sub rear termin...

22216 ₽

The ART P48 48-point balanced patchbay is the best solution for organizing cables while optimizing connectivity in any studio...

16627 ₽

The ART P16 is the ideal choice for any live PA rack, studio rack or fixed installation - when ever easy access to XLR inputs...

13241 ₽

Mulitfunctional 48 Patchbay with symmetrical 6,3mm Jackinputs and three modes: NORMAL connects both inputs of one channel on t...

9329 ₽

Professional 48 channel 19" patchbay Extremely sleek 1/4" Patch Panel with grounding possibility offering 2 rows of balanced s...

209444 ₽

`Easy Patch` Patch Panel, 2 x 48 TT (Bantam) jacks, half normalled, fast and easy wiring, standardized multipin connector, 12x...

68112 ₽

The Isopatch Bantam CPT96D25 is a professional patchbay that offers 96 Bantam Jacks (TT-Phone) in 1U of rack space with a 25 w...

46682 ₽

The DETOX-16 I/O works in both directions, 8 XLR inputs and 8 XLR outputs are each connected to a D-Sub connector

45454 ₽

The RME DETOX-16 O connects 16 XLR outputs with two D-Sub connectors for channels 1-8, respectively 9-16

45454 ₽

The RME DETOX-16 I connects 16 XLR inputs with two D-Sub connectors for channels 1-8, respectively 9-16

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