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Tascam DP-24SD цифровая 24-канальная портастудия обеспечивает одновременную запись до восьми дорожек и воспроизведение до двадц...

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With the DP-006 you’re ready wherever creativity strikes. With two condenser microphones directly in the front, this compact b...

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The Tascam Model 24 is a 24-Channel Multi-Track recording desk with an integrated USB audio interface and analogue mixer.

Designed for musicians, the Sound Devices MixPre-6M is a studio-ready 2-in-1 unit with the features of a multitrack audio recor...

Designed for musicians, Sound Devices' MixPre-3M is a studio-ready 2-in-1 device with the features of a multitrack audio record...

The MixPre-10M from SoundDevices is another high-quality product in the MixPre series that combines the functions of a multi...

The Sounddevices MixPre-10T is one of the smallest mobile recorder/mixers available, and offers professional level technology.

The Sound Devices MixPre-6 USB Audio Interface is a USB audio recorder and mixer interface featuring a 10Hz-80kHz fr...

The Sound Devices MixPre-3 USB Audio Interface is a three-input, five-track audio recorder, mixer and USB audio inte...

двухканальный SD Card рекордер/проигрыватель для сетевых приложений, SNTP-клиент, FTP-клиент, 2 слота под SD Card, управление iOS/Android

профессиональный рекордер, CD, SD, USB, FTP-клиент, управление с помощью iOS/Android устройств

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