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12384 ₽
11794 ₽

стойка для твух томов с системой настройки угла наклона томов Omni-Ball

9218 ₽
8779 ₽

стойка под малый барабан 470мм - 630мм (с двойными ножками)

2577 ₽
2454 ₽

переходник/держатель для установки дополнительной тарелки на стойку с резьбой M8

110830 ₽

Hardware Set Armory HP8005, Chrome. All components of this set feature high quality workmanship and useful features. Awesome pe...

91631 ₽

The soulless names of numbers and letters have been replaced with a more expressive name, in this case one that you are alread...

91631 ₽

Hardware Set Mars HP6005, Chrome. The 600 series hardware by Mapex does not only feature great functionality, it looks cool too.

88812 ₽

Not every gig demands the heaviest, most heavy-duty hardware. In fact most live situations would be better served with a more ...

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