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Напольные генераторы тумана

183600 ₽
156060 ₽

генератор тяжелого дыма на водной основе. Потребление до 3000Вт, Вес путого генератора 13кг, Вес снаряженного генератора 35кг, ДШВ 513х465х470мм.

149850 ₽

Nimbus is a professional dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising.

57086 ₽

Universal floor fogger. Eurolite NB-150 ICE features: Floor fogmachine Stand-alone smoke machine with fluid tank The fog is c...

32845 ₽

The Eurolite NB-60 ICE ground fogger is a ground fogger with a heating power of 600W and a timer control. Due to the lar...

27223 ₽

The Eurolite NB-40 MK2 ICE ground fogger is a compact ground fogger with a 1.2 litre tank and a cable remote control. Due to...

134638 ₽

The DJ Power X-SW1500 is a water-based ground fog machine that does not require dry ice or CO2 and is therefore inexpensive ...

79568 ₽

The Eurolite Mini Dry Ice 1 Fog Machine is a 2500W ground fog machine featuring a 15 minute warm-up time & 7.5L tank capacity.