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Напольный том-том

86907 ₽

With the Acryl Drums of the Design Series, the American manufacturer is offering drums made from the popular, transparent mate...

23650 ₽

The Export Series from PEARL is considered to be the worldwide best-selling drum set of all time, and not without reason. For ...

136063 ₽

Neue Vintage Serie - Made in Germany Das Original "Teardrop" Schlagzeug von Sonor begeisterte durch den einmaligen Sound bere...

128437 ₽

In enger Zusammenarbeit mit Drummer-Legende Steve Gadd hat Yamaha eine der popul?rsten Professional Drum Serien wieder aufer...

124297 ₽

Expression and dynamics makes up the foundation of the new Absolute Maple Hybrid Drums from Yamaha. This was made possible by ...

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