Корзина пуста

Перкуссия для самба

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сопрано думбек (алюминий), цвет черный, с гравировкой

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сопрано думбек (алюминий), цвет черный

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Pearl’s line of Brazilian Percussion brings modern refinements and Pearl quality to the traditional Samba musician. Offered in...

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The African Talking Drums are carved into an hourglass shape from a solid piece of Mahogany wood, and decorated with a carved...

7583 ₽

The Meinl African Talking Drums are carved from a single piece of solid mahogany and are decorated with a carved design. The ...

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The Lotus Flute PP166 from Percussion Plus, also known as Song or Swanee Whistle, is an instrument with various applications. ...

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Tamborims are played with a plastic stick while the other hand changes the pitch of the drum. It has a bright, loud, and cutti...