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Басовые кабинеты 4x10“

32727 ₽
31169 ₽

комбоусилитель для акустической гитары

200813 ₽

Limited Run - made in USA! Features: Power handling: 500 Watts RMS/ 4 Ohm 4x 10" custom U.S. made Eminence LF speaker 1x 1" Em...

199516 ₽

Features: Capacity: 1000 Watt/ 4 Ohm 4x 10" Fender Special Design Eminence Neodymium- Speakers Controllable Horn 2x Jack inpu...

160788 ₽

The 104HF is one of the most popular MARK BASS cabs. Not only because of its sound and power but its portability. Features: I...

133207 ₽

An impressive, working bassists favorite that pushes out 800 Watts of power and high-quality sound. Great as a stand-alone or ...

260962 ₽

Pro Neo Series Features: 550 Watts RMS power handling @ 8 Ohms 4x 10" custom US-made Eminence LF driver 1x 1" Eminence APT:50 ...

208022 ₽

The Quattro 4x10" cab is a further development of the Take Five cab. It has identical speakers, crossover and internal volume ...

185820 ₽

This is the speaker cabinet for the bass player who demands the ultimate in a single, compact cabinet setup. The SVT-410HLF d...

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