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Модули частотной обработки серии 500

114994 ₽

The Maag Audio EQ2 is an uncompromisingly designed 1-channel 2-band EQ for the 500 format. Equipped with the popular 'Air Band...

52631 ₽

The Dual-Band De-Esser expands on this concept by making use of two frequency bands that can be used independently or jointly.

287592 ₽

Design Features stereo design for mix & mastering as well as voices & instruments highly ...

242160 ₽

The Fredenstein F610 UE-1 is a digitally controlled stereo analog 4-band equalizer with 30-band spectrum analyzer in 500 for...

232393 ₽

Vintage EQ aus dem Hause Chandler. Nat?rlich in den USA in Handarbeit hergestellt kommt dieser EQ Kompressor im klassischen 5...

225126 ₽

Discrete 4 Band EQ The API 550 EQ played a major part in the history of music recording in the USA during the 60's and 70's. O...

222220 ₽

Discrete 3 Band EQ Few equalizers enjoy the respect and admiration of the coveted API 550A. Designed by the now legendary Saul...

216406 ₽

500-Series EQ The Maag Audio EQ4 is a 1-channel 6-band equalizer for the 500 series. Equipped with the popular AIR BAND the EQ...

197512 ₽

The Chandler Lim. TG12345 MkIV EQ is a 500 Series professional EQ module that is inspired by the epic consoles of the 60s & 70s.

166439 ₽

Versatile "Tone Shaper" with EQ, preamp, compressor and saturation The Empirical Labs DocDerr is a high-quality, versatile to...

159725 ₽

Reliable, durable and uniform, the API 560 EQ delivers that "one-of-a-kind API sound" with precision easy set filtering and hig...

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