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Вокальные микрофоны

106900 ₽
94072 ₽

студийный ламповый микрофон и широкой мембраной

86490 ₽
78802 ₽

студийный ламповый микрофон и широкой мембраной

52984 ₽

A premium vocal microphone, with switchable hypercardioid and subcardioid polar patterns, the KSM9HS extends the ability captu...

40083 ₽

e 965 Evolution Vokal Miicrophone - The e 965 combines the best available features of a stage microphone with Sennheiser’s pion...

28329 ₽

Some products are born classics and the M 88 has to take centre-stage for being far ahead of its time when it was first introd...

28028 ₽

The Beta 87 supercardioid electret condenser has consistently been a top choice of performers and audio technicians due to its...

25014 ₽

Everything else is just standard. Not plastic, metal. No muffled, mids-centric sound but tight low mids and present treble.