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99700 ₽
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студийный ламповый микрофон и широкой мембраной

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студийный ламповый микрофон и широкой мембраной

98236 ₽

Equally at home in sound reinforcement and recording applications, the DPA d:facto is a high quality stage vocal microphone wi...

58922 ₽

A premium vocal microphone, with switchable hypercardioid and subcardioid polar patterns, the KSM9HS extends the ability captu...

46882 ₽

By virtue of its design and features, the MD 431 II ranks amongst Sennheiser’s most exceptional microphones and is suitable fo...

31469 ₽

e 965 Evolution Vokal Miicrophone - The e 965 combines the best available features of a stage microphone with Sennheiser’s pion...