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196224 ₽
163258 ₽

Allen & Heath ME-U Концентратор для системы ME-1

26672 ₽

The P2R Hybrid Bodypack Receiver is the world's first bodypack receiver to function as a wired receiver, a wireless receiver, ...

26184 ₽

Hard-wired headphone amp body pack for those musicians whose instrument restrict their freedom of movement (keyboards, drums, p...

17659 ₽

In Ear Stick Hardwired In Ear Bodypack - Easiest, smallest and lightweight front-end professional headphone amp for use on sta...

9443 ₽

The POWERPLAY P1 Personal In-Ear Monitor (IEM) Amplifier puts control where it’s most useful – right at the artist’s fingertips

4984 ₽

Whether you’re a keyboardist, drummer, or any other musician whose performance keeps them anchored in one spot, the Behringer P...

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