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Perfect for beginner and ensembles! The MONZANI MZBB-210L Bb-Tuba convinces with a rich and centered sound in spite of an eas...

897673 ₽

Ideal for Marching and Brass Bands! The YAMAHA YSH-301 Bb-Sousaphone has a bell out of ABS synthetic resin and a lightweight ...

408860 ₽

An instrument for strong men! The JUPITER JP-592L Sousaphone is a special edition. It convinces with a high grade of sound pr...

Ideal for brass and marching bands! The MONZANI MZSH-100L Bb-Sousaphone is a cheap instrument for beginner or usable as a sec...

Perfect fitting for young students and youth orchestras! The JUPITER JP-378L Tuba is a handy 3/4 tuba for every aim. Because ...

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