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Пэды для томов

43704 ₽

The DTX Pads are extremely quiet, feature exceptional trigger characteristics and a very realistic playing feeling. The XP100T...

42928 ₽

The specialty of the DTX-Pads is the playing surface made from "Textured Cellular Silicone", which delivers an absolutely rea...

27800 ₽

ROLAND V-Tom Pad PDX-100, V-Drums, The PDX-100, 10" mesh head V-Pad for toms provides a dual-mount option for increased setup v...

24920 ₽

Features: 10" V-Drum Mesh Head Drum Pad 10" hoop very stable lugs precise and sensitive touch in between skin and rim

24169 ₽

The PDX-6 is the smallest of the Roland V-Pads. Originally designed as a tom pad for the TD-4KX, it provides dual triggering f...

17657 ₽

The newly developed 7.5” rubber pad from Yamaha for snares and toms with 3 playing zones and a new surface profile. The playab...

13351 ₽

The Dual-trigger capabilities make it perfect for triggering rim shots on the toms or bow/edge sounds on the hi-hat when used ...

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