Корзина пуста


5907 ₽
5626 ₽

сопрано думбек (алюминий), цвет черный, с гравировкой

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сопрано думбек (алюминий), цвет черный

33393 ₽

The ColorSound Djembes are super-lightweight instruments, fitted with a durable weather proof head and a protective non-slip r...

32247 ₽

The plastic shells of the freestyle Djembes carry a lot of advantages. It is very light weight, which makes transport easier. ...

23015 ₽

The Djembes of the Meinl Travel Series find their calling "on the road". The shell of the Travel Djembe is made of plastic, ma...

23015 ₽

The surface oft he hand carved shells are reminiscent of water spots, which are caused by drying in sunlight. With this blunt...

22925 ₽

These lightweight Djembes are weather resistant and extremely durable for drum circles that are too good to quit. TOCA Freest...

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The Headliner Djembes produce a classic Djembe sound with deep bass and explosive highs. The form of the hand selected goat h...