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Различные генераторы эффектов

69376 ₽

With an output range of up to 8m, the MagicFX CO2 Gun II fires white cryogenic fog plumes. Control of the CO2 Gun II is manual.

67221 ₽

MagicFX Power Drop Features: Steuerung ?ber DMX mit FX Switch Pack Eingang: AC 230V~ 50-60Hz Leistung: 100W Max. Belastung: 20...

52363 ₽

MagicFX Effectivator 1 Features: Eingang: AC 230V~ 50-60Hz Leistung: 10A Mae: (HxBxT) 80x110x160mm Gewicht: 2kg !!! 3 Jahre ...

27131 ₽

The DJ Power Spark Granulate 200g LARGE is a specially designed granulate for the DJ Power V-1 SPARK MACHINE. The granules p...

175977 ₽

The DJ Power V-1 SPARK MACHINE is a pyrotechnic effect that is very impressive, thanks to the granulate specially develo...

97290 ₽

The Magic FX FX-COMM4NDER is a control panel for MagicFX effects.security key1 safety buttonFX warning LED4x FIRE buttons1x ...

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