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Рэковые процессоры эффектов

70355 ₽

This 4 channel preamp has much more to offer than just being the heart of a modern Rock rack system. Beside the convincing cle...

66176 ₽

The GCX Audio Switcher by Voodoo Lab can manage small and large set ups without much effort, any of 8 loops can be used for ef...

27014 ₽

Features VOODOOLAB Control Switcher: 4 isolated relay controls Front panel instant access...

138328 ₽

This one is a very impressive 2 x 50 watts poweramp. If you like the rich harmonic touch of 5881 power amp tubes, the 840/50 s...

33022 ₽

The flag ship from the Sonic Maximizer Series. Ideal for Studio, PA or live in the music rack. The 882i works with a Dual-Mono...

29043 ₽

For years, the American firm- BBE has been making high end solutions for the professional musician. Sonic Maximizer Technology...

The Palmer Macht 402 is a powerful stereo guitar amplifier. Held in 19" rack format with one height unit, the modern Class D...

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