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Звукосниматели для баса

30760 ₽

Bass players looking to expand their tone palette won’t want to miss Roland’s new GK-3B pickup, designed for driving synth-bas...

28147 ₽

If you took the pickups from the world's best-selling bass and over-wound 'em for more punch, midrange, bass and output, then ...

13666 ₽

The 40DC (Dual Coil) employs parallel placed coils (ceramic loaded) to produce a deep low end, and yet maintain clarity. All o...

47866 ₽

Komplettset bestehend aus SMB-4D Tonabnehmer + 3-Band Aktivelektronik STC-3M3 Daten zum Pickup: Replacementpickup f?r Music M...

32681 ₽

Sounding like a 60's Jazz Bass without the 60-cycle buzz. That's the sound of the Vintage "Noiseless" Jazz Bass pickup. Made w...

32261 ₽

Die On-Board-EQ-Einheit sorgt f?r eine gr??ere Soundvielfalt und erm?glicht es dem Bassisten, exakt auf den E-Bass ausgerichte...

29669 ₽

Die On-Board-EQ-Einheit sorgt f?r mehr Klangm?glichkeiten und erm?glicht es dem Bassisten, exakt auf den E-Bass ausgerichtete ...

27691 ₽

The EMG JVX Set contains two active single coil pickups for the middle and bridge position of electric basses. By combining ...

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