Корзина пуста

Пассивные студийные мониторы

55711 ₽

Features: 5.25" Shielded Passive Full range 8 ohm drivers 6 1/2" Cube Cabinet with multiple coats of "Retro-Cream" High Gloss ...

55711 ₽

A Legend is Back ! The 5C, which became famous in the 1970's and 80's and has been used in virtually every major recording st...

914311 ₽

Der Two 18 ist ein High-End 2-Wege Passiv-Nahfeldmonitor des finnischen Herstellers Amphion. Er verfugt uber zwei 6,5-Zoll-Tief...

476288 ₽

The Amphion ONE 18 is a passive two-way studio monitor offering excellent sound properties to create a better mix.

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