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78036 ₽

Easy to transport, lightweight aluminum lighting stand K&M 24625 Lighting Stand features: Extension rod with adapter to take ...

74246 ₽

Standfestes Lichtstativ f?r den mobilen Einsatz Eurolite A1 Features: Stahlstativ Mindesth?he: 1,2 m Maximale H?he: 2,5 m H?c...

73836 ₽

Features: H?he: 1500-3150mm Dreibein Durchmesser: 1200mm max. Belastbarkeit: 30kg Quertraverse: 1000mm Material: Stahl Gewicht...

95647 ₽

The Manfrotto 126BSUAC is an Air Cushioned Heavy Duty Cine Stand. is made of black, anodized steel and rises to a maximum heigh...

92202 ₽

Attractive lighting stand. Thanks to the heavy, flat steel plate the stand is well suited for use in small areas.

89742 ₽

Der Manfrotto 007BSU Senior Stand ist ein professionelles Lichtstativ mit einer maximalen Belastbarkeit von 20 Kg. Das Stativ ...

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