Корзина пуста


3184 ₽

Features: small version for small diameter sticks with loop material: leather color: black

2584 ₽

Features: Leather Pads for Hand Cymbals Recommended for indoor and outdoor use Genuine Leather with Zildjian Logo

2038 ₽

Super soft orchestral hand cymbal pads. Sold as a set of two. ZILDJIAN hand cymbal pads P0756 features: cympal pads for march...

1692 ₽

Precut leather hand cymbal straps. Genuine leather with Gold Zildjian logo. ZILDJIAN P0750 leather strap features: leather st...

9710 ₽

With the cymbal holder for Concert and Marching bass drums the lower cymbal can easily be mounted to the bass drum. The holder...

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