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Стойки для микрофонов

9680 ₽
8964 ₽

настольная телескопическая микрофонная стойка журавль, материал сталь, основа 250x202 мм, высота 275x405 мм, длина журавля 333x565 мм

10815 ₽

Lightweight, 4-piece glass fibre rod combination, extra long. Supports 0.5 kg. Microphone cable can be routed through the tubi...

6240 ₽

Extremly rough stand out of steel. Indestructible! Anyone who is seeking a safe stand for his microphone is right here! Fea...

5874 ₽

microphone stand "soft touch" features: with extendable boom arm Weight: 3.0 kg H: 925/1630 mm BL: 425/725 mm

1174 ₽

Inexpensive, handy table microphone stand for professional use. features: Sturdy plastic base with collapsible light-weight p...

The Manfrotto PIXI Mini-Tripod is a portable, sturdy tripod that is ideal for travelling and use with Compact System Cameras.

Small table stand with brass base, very sturdy. It has a black matte finish. The bottom is fitted with a non-slip rubber disk....

MICROPHONE DESK ARM This is a new microphone arm in a modern design for fast and flexible microphone positioning in studios or...

Two-piece telescopic boom arm with 3/8" thread. Complete with locking washer and plastic grip. Smooth, silent and scratch-free...