Корзина пуста


5907 ₽
5626 ₽

сопрано думбек (алюминий), цвет черный, с гравировкой

5296 ₽
5044 ₽

сопрано думбек (алюминий), цвет черный

7144 ₽

With the simplest means, the Heck Stick ONE makes a small drum set from any Cajon and brings additional dynamic and spice into...

3411 ₽

Simple, Compact, Funky! Next to foot pedals, kick-plates, Hecksticks etc. the Cabasa now finds its way onto the most popular ...

1000 ₽

The Kessing is a traditional Djembe accessory and expands the traditional sound with a dry metallic sound. It is placed betwe...

3646 ₽

The conga sound plate is a sturdy wooden disc that provides a hard, sound reflective surface under your conga. Ideal for extra...