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Аксессуары для микрофонов

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Капсюль для проводного вокального ручного микрофона SM48S

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The Sennheiser ME 36 is a permantly polarized condenser microphone head for use with the Sennheiser MZH goosenecks. This unique...

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The ME 102 modular mini-microphone system fulfils professional demands for sound quality and rugged handling and is suitable f...

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Phantom power adapter with XLR male connector for L type MicroMic microphones with integrated bass roll-off switch.

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The innovative Shure A56D drum microphone mount sets a new standard for versatility. Compact in design, the A56D can be used i...

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features: Cable for Beta 91, Beta 98S, Beta 98D/S microphones TQG 3 pol fem. (Switchcraft TA3F) - TQG 4 pol fem. (Switchcraft ...

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Economy low- to high-impedance microphone matching transformer features: provides 24 dB of voltage gain may be used in revers...