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AD/DA-конвертeры (АЦП/ЦАП)

20660 ₽
19668 ₽

16-канальный цифровой конвертер системы мониторинга ULTRANET

10256 ₽

The M-Audio Micro DAC is a USB digital-to-analogue converter with two outputs, one analogue and one digital (optical) and a sam...

7515 ₽

Analogue -> SPDIF Compact device for converting analogue to digital coax or optical stereo audio! This very useful device can ...

456729 ₽

RME's M-32 AD is a 32-channel high-end AD converter, easy to operate yet having a comprehensive feature set. The unit combines...

340763 ₽

Tascam offers with the ML-32D a flexible and powerful converter with the focus on Dante networks (Digital Audio Network Thro...

152235 ₽

With the ADI-2 DAC, RME offers a high-quality DA converter in 9.5 inch format, which converts SPDIF coaxial, SPDIF optical (...

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