Корзина пуста


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5626 ₽

сопрано думбек (алюминий), цвет черный, с гравировкой

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сопрано думбек (алюминий), цвет черный

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3036 ₽

тамбурин economy, 8`, цвет черный, 8 пар тарелочек в два ряда

17180 ₽

Incorporated by LP artist Stanton Moore as an essential element of his unique drum kit set up. LATIN PERCUSSION Stanton Moore...

13994 ₽

The LP Rio Brazilian 10" Pandeiro with Skin Head projects jangling indigenous sounds akin to those of a tambourine. A natural ...

13994 ₽

Ramp up the resonance with the LP Rio Brazilian 12" Pandeiro, an instrument with a 1-3/4" deep hardwood shell ribbed with seve...

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MEINL Artisan Edition Tambourines are designed and made for professional applications. The special jingle profile provides a ...

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The explosive sound of the Pearl Anarchy Crasher is great when a radical White Noise effect is needed. It can be mounted on a ...