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Аксессуары для гармоник

7738 ₽

Hohner Flex Rack is a harmonica holder with which an optimal playing position can be adjusted for every player. Position, an...

2839 ₽

The HOAC007 Harmonica Holder Large allows for the comfortable playing of most harmonica types whilst leaving the hands free.

2515 ₽

Particularly suitable for blues harmonica models! Features: moulded rubber sections on the support arms hold the instrument se...

2333 ₽

For various harmonica models. Elegant harmonica holder with professional features. Fully adjustable spring-tension instrument ...

1771 ₽

For various harmonica models. Covered neck frame. Adjustable spring-tension instrument holder. Features: Clamping: spring-ten...

10361 ₽

All you need to service and repair your harmonica! The Hohner Harmonica Service Set is a set of carefully selected tools spec...

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