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Стойки для клавишных

20996 ₽

The Jaspers 1R-120B Keyboard Stand comes with swivel castors, two of which can be locked. This stand is manufac...

20894 ₽

The stable high-end cult keyboard stand guaranteed to draw attention for stage and studio - now also available in black !! !!...

19949 ₽

The APEX Series Keyboard Stands represent over two decades of research and development and are used all over the world by gig...

11025 ₽

The K&M 18826 stand is very versatile. Due to its universal shape it can be used for keyboards, mixers, monitors or ...

2218 ₽

A keyboard stand able to hold instruments up to 12kg. The height can also be set in any one of five positions, and is foldable.