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Ленточные микрофоны

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Audio-Technica AT4080 студийный ленточный микрофон

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Audio-Technica AT4081 студийный ленточный микрофон

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The R-121 is Royers flagship microphone. It's everything a ribbon should be -warm, smooth, natural sounding. It's also tough a...

120840 ₽

The Coles 4038 is the microphone of choice when you need a high class ribbon with a wide, linear frequency range and high sens...

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Royer R-10 - пассивный ленточный микрофон, предназначенный для использования в студии и на живых выступлениях. Royer R-10 Ribb...

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Das Avantone CR-14 transportiert den Klang und Look der 50er & 60er in die Jetztzeit. Das Mikrofon wurde als aktuelle Antwort ...

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Ribbon Microphone The sE X1R ribbon microphone is a new high performance passive ribbon and suited to a variety of recording ...

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Portable microphone preamp for passive and active ribbon microphones This microphone preamp supplied via phantom power is per...