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микрофонная система для акустической гитары/аудиоинтерфейс для iOS, Android, Mac и PC

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звукосниматель для электрогитары активный бриджевый цвет черный

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TriplePlay is conceived and designed to make composing, performance and recording easy and fun. Its slim, intuitive form facto...

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Attila Zoller floating jazz guitar humbucker. The world most popular jazz guitar pickup. Designed by Attila Zoller and used by...

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Simple to install, the Powerbridge in no way alters the integrity of the guitar. Plus, it's a totally passive, battery-free sy...

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Aktiver Schalloch Tonabnehmer f?r Stahlsaitengitarren. Leicht einzubauen, brummfrei und extrem resistent gegen R?ckkopplungen...

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The Jazz Guitar Humbucker by G?ldo features an Alnico magnet and can be mounted onto the fretboard. Features: Humbucker Heigh...