Корзина пуста

Ковбеллы и вуд-блоки

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сопрано думбек (алюминий), цвет черный, с гравировкой

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сопрано думбек (алюминий), цвет черный

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LP Agogo Bells were born in the 1960's in response to the Bossa Nova craze. They are LP's interpretation of the instrument tha...

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No words are needed for the Anarchy Cowbell. Hit it and get brutal, cutting tone. PEARL Heavy Metal Cowbell PCB-20 features: ...

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Features: with mounting bracket 2 different tones: high and low Pearls Elite Series hand-held Agogo bell is an excellent perf...

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Agogo bells originate from Africa, but today you are more likely to find them in Brazilian Samba music or Capoeira, the Brazil...