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Палочки с деревян-ным наконечником

1884 ₽
1794 ₽

барабанные палочки, дуб, наконечник овальный нейлоновый

3837 ₽

The laminated birch sticks are made from resin coated birch ply-wood. This makes them not only heavier and better to hold, bu...

3757 ₽

For over 30 years the American classic 5A and 5B sticks have been among the most popular sticks round. The new "Kinetic Force...

3516 ₽

Ahmir Thompson prefers 17" extra long sticks with the Vic Grip anti-slip-coating. VIC FIRTH Ahmir Thompson Sticks SAT Featur...

3500 ₽

The Ice-Stix UV Light Sticks 5A Yellow are a pair of Selected Hickory weighted drum sticks from the Crusher range, with Acorn tip.

3323 ₽

Drumsticks Made in Germany! The Saxon Markneukirchen based manufacturer can rely on over 120 years of experience. The product...

3323 ₽

When the 747 Sticks aren’t enough, then you should try these: due to the heavy weight of oak wood, the PW747BW deliver even m...

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