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Басовые кабинеты 8x10“

31450 ₽
29952 ₽

комбоусилитель для акустической гитары

303339 ₽

Limited Run - made in USA! Features: Power handling: 800 Watts RMS/ 4 Ohm (mono) Dual 400 Watts RMS/ 8 Ohms (stereo) 8x 10" cu...

236862 ₽

The SVT-810AV enclosures employ the driver technology that make Ampeg enclosures the number one name in speakers. Features: D...

176402 ₽

The Classic 108 CASA Michael League Signature Cabinet is an 8x 10” 1600W Bass cabinet, created with the Snarky Puppy bassist.

317062 ₽

Features: Capacity: 2000 Watt/ 4 Ohm 8x 10" Fender Special Design Eminence Neodymium- Speakers Controllable Horn 2x Jack inpu...

212623 ₽

The world-renowned Classic Series Cabinets are synonymous with bass enclosures and the sound they are expected to produce. An...

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