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флейта, изогнутая головка, материал - АБС-пластик, цвет - белый/розовый, в комплекте - мундштук, колено ре, смазка, чехол, тряпочка для протирки, ...

107344 ₽

Robust piccolo flute out of ABS synthetic resin! The YAMAHA YPC-32 Piccolo Flute has a robust, easy care and maintenance-free...

22216 ₽

Ideal for young students! The YAMAHA FHJ-200-U Head Joint for Flute is for instruments out of the series 211 and 271. It offe...

20819 ₽

The high quality developed head joint of the MONZANI MZFL-133 C-Flute gives the instrument a balanced sound and a direct attack...

4611 ₽

Perfect for children! The MONZANI HJCV Headjoint is a curved one for flutes. Due to the curved shape the distance from arms t...

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