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Различные модули 500 серии

127519 ₽

The Portico 542 is a True Tape Emulator and Line Driver in API 500 format. This device provides the unique sound of analog tap...

The Heritage Audio RAM System 500 is a high-quality monitoring solution for the 500 series. As a plug-in unit with double mo...

The new Master Bus module allows control of the X-Rack’s internal Master & Record stereo busses, as well as acting as a studio...

The Eight Input Module was developed in response to requests from X-Rack users for a line input module designed to accommodate...

The new Four Channel Input module takes four line-level mono signals, each with their own solo, volume and pan controls and pr...

With the Analog Delay Moog presents the world’s first delay designed exclusively for the 500 series format. It features a 100%...

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