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33604 ₽

Der Meinl TMGS-2 Gongst?nder ist ein rahmloser St?nder, der sich sowohl zum Aufh?ngen von Gongs als auch von Tam Tams eignet. ...

97668 ₽

The Symphonic Gongs are the oldest version of the Paiste Gongs and feature a slightly raised surface for a universal and harmo...

5084 ₽

Made from the finest leather to offer the best level of comfort possible. The strap has a soft surface and the pad offers exc...

2508 ₽

Standard cymbal straps made of leather. Padded, offering optimum protection for your hands. MEINL Standard Leather Straps BR...

1226269 ₽

YV 4110M uses frames that can be disassembled into relatively small parts for easy transport. The extended range models are ve...

931916 ₽

Marimbaphone RM 40/V from STUDIO 49 meets professional demands. A=443Hz, 4-1/3 Octaves, equipped with high-quality bars made of...

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