Корзина пуста

Бас укулеле

46641 ₽

This extraordinary instrument is a head turner. Thanks to the special polyurethane strings you can tune the ukulele to E-A-D-...

21817 ₽

The Jack & Danny UK-BM1R FL Fretless Bass Ukulele (Natural) is a ukulele bass with a Sapele body and fretless fingerboard.

20932 ₽

Der wohl preiswerteste Uku-Bass auf dem Markt. Trotz des g?nstigen Preises kommt der BM1R mit aktivem Preamp, Tuner und Aquila...

The Kala UBASS-EBY-FSRW Striped U-Bass (Ebony) is an electro-acoustic bass ukulele supplied with bright round-wound strings.

The Kala UBASS-EBY-FS Striped U-Bass (Ebony) is a distinctive electro-acoustic bass ukulele featuring a Walnut fingerboard.

The Mahalo MEB1/NA Electric Bass Ukulele Natural convinces with real noble bass features and a first-class sound. The compac...

Top, bottom and sides from laminated Koa, Mahogany neck, fretless Rosewood fingerboard, Ortega MagusUke pickup system with tune...

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