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Eurolite DMX LED Color Chief Controller купитьКупить Eurolite DMX LED Color Chief Controller - лучшая цена с доставкой по России в mustore.ru

Eurolite DMX LED Color Chief Controller

12796 ₽
Купить Eurolite DMX LED Color Chief Controller и заказать DMX-контроллеры Eurolite по выгодной цене с гарантией и доставкой по России! The Eurolite DMX LED Colour Chief Controller is a DMX lighting desk with simple, innovative control concept for LED spotlights.
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Артикул: LIG0015213-000
Категория: DMX-контроллеры
Бренд: Eurolite
DMX LED Colour Chief Controller

The Eurolite DMX LED Colour Chief Controller is a compact DMX desk which was developed for LED headlights/compact light strips. Up to 8x devices can be connected to the Eurolite Colour Chief, with each device may have up to 4x headlights (max. 30x channels).

The LED headlights & compact light strips from Eurolite are already stored in the system for patching, but other headlights can also be connected and patched. For this purpose 3x additional channels per device can be patched freely, e.g. for movements in case of light effects. There are a total of 24x memory locations for lighting scenes and running lights. A USB connection has been installed for a secure backup of the "Show". Backups and backups can easily be saved to a USB stick, and system updates can also be uploaded via the USB connection. The Colour Chief has a built-in microphone for music control or an RCA line input on the rear panel.

Eurolite DMX LED Colour Chief Controller - Tutorial

The main features of the Eurolite DMX LED Colour Chief Controller include:

  • For 8x Devices or Groups of Devices (Each with Up to 4x Heads)
  • Up to 30x Channels per Device
  • Eurolite KLS Systems & LED Spotlights Installed in the Library
  • 8x Colour Effects Directly Selectable
  • User Created Devices
  • 3x Additional Channels are Patchable per Device (e.g. for Movements)
  • Colour Wheel Selection & Simulation
  • 24x Memory Locations for Moods & Chaser Lights
  • Simultaneous Running of Chaser Lights
  • USB Connection
  • Clock Control via Music Signal or TAP Button
  • Adjustable Dimming, Fade Time & Running Time
  • Sound Control via Built-In Microphone or Line Input
  • Firmware Update via USB
  • 240x Maximum Control Channels
  • 24x Scenes/Running Lights
  • DMX512 Output: 3-Pin XLR Connector
  • Storage Media: USB Devices (FAT32)
  • Length: 482mm
  • Width: 132mm
  • Height: 85mm
  • 2U Rack Mounting
  • Weight: 2.2kg
Комплектность поставки:
  • Кабель для подключения в комплекте: Да
  • Руководство пользователя: Да
  • Производитель: Eurolite
  • DMX контроллер: Да
  • MIDI Контроллер: Нет
  • Интерфэйс в комплекте: Нет
  • Программирование через ПК: Нет
  • Подключение по USB: Да
  • Возможность установки в рэке: Да
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