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Gewa Violin Set Allegro-VL1 ¼

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Gewa Violin Set Allegro-VL1 ¼ with Bow & Case

The Gewa Violin Set Allegro-VL1 ¼ is one of the most popular beginner's sets for lessons, both among Violin Teachers and aspiring Violinists. The Instrument is in ¼ Size, is aimed at the youngest Violin beginners and is made of solid woods and high-quality components from Wittner and Aubert. All of the Violin's add-on parts are made exclusively of fine Ebony. In addition, the set features a highly playable Bow made of Massaranduba Wood, whose natural hair cover promises a constant tone from frog to tip. Finally, Gewa provides the Allegro Violin Set with a sturdy shaped Case including an Accessory Compartment and Bow Holder, which provides lasting protection for your own Instrument against knocks and the elements on the way to lessons or rehearsals.

Ready to Play

The Violin included in the Allegro Set is made of high-quality solid Tone-Woods. Whilst the Back and Sides are made of solid European Maple, the Top is Solid Spruce to produce an amazingly resonant sound. Also the attachments in the form of Chin-Rest, Fingerboard and Tuning Pegs are made exclusively of Ebony. For the easiest possible introduction to the world of Violin playing, an original and professionally dressed Maple Bridge is used, while 4x Fine Tuners from the traditional German manufacturer Wittner make tuning immensely easier. The Violin is already set up and ready to play at the factory, and can be used directly for Lessons.

Massaranduba Bow

A good Violin naturally needs a Bow that facilitates play. In the Allegro Violin Set, this Bow is made of fine Massaranduba Wood and impresses with its precise Construction and Tonal Response. Thanks to the even natural hair stringing, the Violin Bow produces a constant tone from the Ebony Frog to the Tip and creates ideal conditions for learning correct Bowing Technique. In addition, the Massaranduba Bow has some interesting manufacturing details in the form of a Frog made entirely of Ebony with a Parisian eye, high-quality Thumb Leather and a winding of Imitation Whalebone, which gives the Bow an ideal weight distribution.

Robust Case

The Allegro Violin Set comes with a sturdy Shaped Case, especially for transport. This Case is designed to fit the shape of the Violin exactly and protects the Instrument effectively from knocks and bumps thanks to its sturdy core. For absolute weather resistance, the Case has a water-repellent Screw-On Cover with all-round Zips to effectively shield the Instrument from wind and weather. For easy transport, the Case has 2x Backpack Straps that allow the Violin to be carried on the back, whilst the Reflectors on the outside provide additional protection in road traffic. Inside, the Case offers a soft and varnish-friendly lining, an Accessory Compartment for Strings or Rosin and a Bow Holder, which is attached to the lid of the Case.

The main features of the Gewa Violin Set Allegro-VL1 ¼ include:
  • Violin Set in ¼ Size
  • Body: Solid European Maple with Spruce Top
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Hardware: Ebony
  • Strings: AlphaYue
  • Tailpiece: Wittner Fine Tuning
  • Bridge: Aubert Pre-Adjusted
  • Bow: Massaranduba/Carbon with Natural Hair
  • Hand Varnished
  • Ebony Frog with Parisian Eye
  • Includes: Shaped Case with Backpack Straps
  • Finish: Natural
  • Производитель:Gewa
  • Back:Maple
  • Bow:Massaranduba
  • Топ:Ель
  • Накладка грифа:Черное дерево
  • Гриф:Клен
  • Chin Rest:Ebony, adjustable
  • Крепление струн:Wittner fine tuning holder
  • Бридж:Maple
  • Tuning Peg:Ebony, Swiss model
  • Side:Maple
  • Размер:1/4
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